MGUI encourages students to attain sporting excellence. There are separate coaches for all the games who groom the students and train them rigorously to compete at national level. All the games have equipment of International standards which is accessible to all the students.


Cricket the most popular game in Indian subcontinent is the National Game of England. It is believed to be invented in around 16th century. Today, Cricket is played at International level by 11 major Countries.


Basketball is one of the most popular games in USA, China, Russia, Canada, Argentina and Spain. The ruling body for the game is FIBA (International Basketball Federation). The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the richest and most popular basketball leagues in the world. NBA has close to 30 teams.


Volleyball is the National Sport of Sri Lanka and is very popular in United States, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Philippines, Russia and Poland. It is also a popular sport in southern India, North America, Eastern Europe and Brazil.


Played on the natural grass with a hard ball, Hockey is largely played and popular in Asian subcontinent though Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa also are known for hockey.


The Institute offers an extensive range of sports and fitness classes throughout the academic session. Qualified staff and trainers deliver programmes for all ages, tastes and abilities, from Cricket to Yoga to Weight Training and Aerobics.